Level 3 Training

Course Description

TPM level 3 practitioner training is performed using audio recordings, manuals, and one-on-one interactions with certified TPM trainers.

For Level 3, we provide an audio recording of Robert Fletcher teaching the level 1 training in San Francisco, Ca. We also provide the class handout materials. After the materials have been reviewed and practiced, we provide personal time with certified trainers who will review course materials, answer questions, and assess student skills. Call us to schedule!

We will cover the following topics:

  • Advanced Engineering Model
  • Advanced Mental Landscaping
  • Advanced Meta-Programs adjusting
  • Space Anchoring Format
  • Patterns that Create self-Defeating Behavior
  • 8 Change Locations in Mental and Physical Makeup
  • The Multiple Look Pattern
  • The Hoarding and Clutter Pattern
  • Silent Emotinonal History Expansion
  • Automating Generative Change Process
  • Motivation Enhancement Scaling
  • Plus much, much more!


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