About Robert Fletcher

in 1932, Rober Fletcher was born into a family of art professors and well known scientists. Robert was the second youngest of 14 children and received a degree in engineering technology and masters in fine art and deaf education. In 1968, Robert Fletcher became an educator and administrator for the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind. In the evenings, he began instructing for Evelyn Wood in the evenings as a speed reading instructor. He was amazed at the power of the mind as he taught people to read at speeds of 10 to 100 times their origanal speeds with improved comprehension. He began to receive trainings and perform more research into methods of excellence that he could bring to his hearing impaired students. Several years later, he embarked on a focused search for methods that could help some family members with depression. For 2 years, he read 2 books every evening on the subjects of psychology, psychiatry, healing, etc. During that time, he received his certificate in master and medical hypnosis.

Then, he came upon several books on NLP and was intrigued with its theory and methodology. He taught the NLP spelling strategy to a class of his deaf students and raised their spelling level 2 grades after 2 weeks of instruction. He had similar success with other NLP techniques. He received his training at the first practitioner seminar offered by Suzi Smith and Tim Halboms at Anchor Point. He also assisted Robert Dilts in several of his early seminars and received every certificate and training available in NLP.

Robert retired from the School system in the early 80s and pursued private practice. He developed more innovative and powerful methods for helping children with learning disabilities which he developed into the program, EDUCATING THE MIND. At the same time, his ideas and techniques, developed over 20 years with NLP became THOUGHT PATTERN MANAGEMENTTM.



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