The Barrens


GENRE: Feature length horror/action

LOGLINE: "A group of construction workers struggle for their lives and their sanity when they find themselves trapped and hunted in the million acre woods of the New Jersey Pine Barrens."

SYNOPSIS: It's a storm tortured night in 1741, in the million acre forest in New Jersey called the Pine Barrens. The rain beats down on an old, wooden cabin. Inside, Mrs. Leeds gives birth to a horrible creature that immediately slaughters the family, crashes through the door, and disappears into the woods.

In present day, a bulldozer shoves through the Leeds cabin, clearing room for future development. The crew uses chainsaws, axes, and heavy equipment to tear down the forest. A worker gives his chainsaw ripcord a pull and a mutated Piney jumps off a tree, cocks a shotgun, and blows the worker’s head off. Another Piney throws a handmade explosive under a truck, killing more workers. All hell breaks loose.

After fighting and running, the remaining crew are captured and drugged. They are tied up to posts on a small hill. The Pineys sing and drink moonshine for this huge sacrificial ceremony. The Pineys stop their singing as a giant wooden litter platform is carried out of an old church by 20 proud Pineys. On it sits the Jersey Devil – a tattered, winged demon creature who pants ferociously. Its grunts turn excited by the sight of the sacrifice.

Does the crew have enough wit and weapons to fight and escape or will they be devoured by the Jersey Devil and it’s Pineys?

‘The Barrens’ is a great combination or horror and action, which audiences will enjoy around the globe. Plus, we’ve never seen a story about the New Jersey Devil. ‘The Barrens’ will be a fun and exciting film to make and see on the big screen.

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