MIke and Don Hate Each Other
Building Lines

GENRE: One-hour Original TV Series

LOGLINE: "Six young Apprentice Lineman learn about sacrifice, courage, and brotherhood through the electrifying world of building power lines. After his father dies doing line work, the audacious Burke must figure out if this perilous, but rewarding lifestyle is right for him."THE STORY:

STORY BEHIND THE PROJECT: Building Lines is a short film backdropped by one of the director's true stories. Twenty-five year old Burke, an audacious apprentice working to become an electrical lineman is a natural at building lines. His father died recently on the job doing linework and now Burke must figure out if this unpredictable, but rewarding trade is right for him.

Burke's closest friends are also on his crew: Moorehouse is a crazy journeyman lineman in his early 30's who brings levity to every work site. He doesn't let truth get in the way of a good story. Family man Dan, 40, creates a safe and fun working environment as their highly respected foreman. He is a mentor to all apprentices, but also a father figure to Burke.

Traveling around the Wild, Wild, Midwest, these modern day cowboys are dropped into some electrifying situations. In order to survive, they must learn about sacrifice, integrity, and brotherhood



Building LInes
Building Lines

BUILDING LINES from Mike Byrd & Krystina Figg on Vimeo.



Mike and Don Hate Each Other

Building Lines
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