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Thought Pattern Management® (TPM)

Thought Pattern Management® has been developed and refined for over 30 years through the careful study of many different schools of thought including:

  • Traditional Psychology
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Guided Imagery Processing
  • Self to Self CommunicationTM
  • Integrative Behavioral RepatterningTM
  • Hypnotic Language Structures
  • Mental Time Management and others

Thought Pattern Management® integrates these and other technologies in ways so virtually anyone can easily learn to manage their own thinking processes, control their own emotions and states, as well as help their clients and associates do so.

TPM works with the natural processes of the mind and body in such ways as to teach the mind-body to resolve even deeply seated issues automatically ‘on its own’ and often permanently. TPM uses these advanced technologies to help people with all forms of mental, emotional and physical traumas, as well as severe mental, psychological, and physiological illnesses

Why choose us

Whether a practicing therapist looking for more ways to help clients, or someone looking for a therapist who can make a difference, perhaps you'll consider looking into TPM.

TPM brings:

  • Gentle ways of addressing problematic or trauma memories
  • Techniques that look for a solution
  • Languaging that respects the unconscious mind
  • Ease of integration with other modalities


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